Fertility: HyCoSy

I’ve just got home after another trip to the fertility clinic this morning, this time for the dreaded “HyCoSy” procedure.

A HyCoSy is carried out in order to see if the Fallopian tubes are clear and healthy, or blocked. Blocked Fallopian tubes can mean that natural conception is not possible as the sperm and egg cannot meet.

I won’t lie, I’ve been dreading this procedure for weeks. I felt scared shitless by last night and cried when I got into bed from sheer panic and anxiety. Mainly from the pain to be totally honest but obviously what the results could mean for us. If my tubes are blocked that could mean we would never be able to conceive naturally and it would also mean that having IUI was out (which is our next treatment plan if necessary).

Anyway, it’s done now and I’m here to document what happened and how it felt.

The first thing that happened was that the dr collected us from the waiting room and asked me to read and sign a form (consent form I guess). He told me what he would be doing but I already knew in great detail because I’m an obsessive Google-er lol.

Once on the bed and in position, the doctor started by “cleaning” things up making sure everything was sterile etc. He then inserted the speculum (same as what is used during a smear test), he then inserted the catheter which goes through your vagina, through your cervix and into your uterus. I was nervous as hell about this as many years ago I had an IUD fitted and it hurt SO much. This was nowhere near as bad as that I swear.

Once the catheter was in place, a tiny balloon is blown up which holds the catheter in place. It’s absolutely tiny but I guess anything down there that’s foreign is going to feel big isn’t it??

I suddenly felt quite a bit of pain and I told the doctor and the nurse and the Dr said “is that better?” and it was – almost instantly. Apparently they blow the balloon up all the way, then they deflate it a little until it no longer hurts. I was relieved that this meant the speculum was in, the catheter was in AND the balloon was inflated. We were halfway there.

the next step is for them to insert the dye and that’s done via a syringe which is attached to the catheter. It felt uncomfortable, achy, but not painful as such. At the same time as the nurse is doing this, the doctor is using an internal probe/ultrasound to get a look at what’s going on. This is referred to as a “dildo camera” on the internet which is shockingly accurate LOL!!

The doctor was showing me my tubes on the screen and showing me the dye going through but to be honest, I couldn’t make anything out, it was just a blur but I nodded along anyway.

At one point the nurse did an ultrasound on my stomach but I don’t know why but my husband said it was to check the balloon was in the right place.

This went on about 15 mins and eventually he was happy and said we were done. I then realised that I had been clenching my bum LOL and so I tried to relax but my legs were shaking a bit and I guess it was just nerves.

Just as I relaxed and felt him remove the catheter, he inserted another speculum(wasn’t expecting that!) so was a bit of a shock but fine, just that horribly weird feeling when they screw it in place and then he must have cleaned everything up with some sort of solution as I felt very (excuse me for writing this) wet down below and felt like I was having a shower LOL! That was a bit cringe but I guess it’s nothing he doesn’t see all the time.

And then, we were done! Wahhhoooooo.

I got to get up and get dressed and then we went into the consultation room where he said my tubes were both absolutely fine and open. A huge relief.

He then told me that my anti tpo blood test results were back and were “normal”. I was glad but surprised and he said he was also surprised and said “it’s strange”. He said he would prescribe me with 50mg of thyroxine (for thyroid) and that I should take this for 4-6 weeks and get another blood test in 4 weeks to see if it’s helping to bring down my TSH levels which are too high.

And then we left!

I’m now laying on the sofa with a cup of tea. I feel so relieved that it’s over, relieved it wasn’t as painful as I was scared it would be and relieved my tubes are not blocked. I cried on the drive home when the relief hit me.

I have some stomach cramps but nothing bad at all, in all honestly I could be at work but I’m glad I’m not and I feel so tired, but I think that’s mainly to do with how anxious I’ve been feeling. The adrenaline is wearing off I suppose?

All in all, the HyCosy really isn’t bad at all. Certainly not as bad as I was worried it would be and nowhere near as bad as having a coil fitted. Not even close!!

I’m going to pick up my first thyroxine prescription shortly and I’ll start taking that tomorrow morning (an hour before food and only with water – no caffeine etc). My hope is that after having a flush out of my tubes plus starting thyroxine, that we have a better chance of conceiving naturally. Personally we have decided not to try this month (ovulation is a few days away) because we want my TSH levels to come down first.

Apparently your TSH levels should be between 0.5 and 2.0 when conceiving and my levels are currently at 6.0. This is important in pregnancy for fetal brain development and the baby’s nervous system so we are going to sit this month out and hope that next month I’m in a healthier place.