The worst thing about therapy…

So, the worst thing about therapy is….

That it is exactly that.

Therapy. Work. A job to do. A task.

Whatever you want to call it, it is therapy and therapy is not your mum.

It doesn’t matter how hard you cry or how much you hurt.

You are a client in therapy with a therapist…. and that’s that.

6 thoughts on “The worst thing about therapy…

  1. It is so painful. I had one of those moments on Monday eve as you know, where it was like even though K is not going away now, she is still not enough, not my Mum, not enough to take away the pain and hollowness inside me. I only get her if I pay for therapy. It hurts but I am trying to focus on the fact that the pain this causes is there because of them, but also not really – that pain was already there and they are putting us in touch with it so we can grieve and move through. It’s so huge, but better things lie on the other side of it. Huge hugs xxx


    1. I thought of you actually and what you said about K not being enough. If felt like everything she said was just reminding me I’m there for therapy – not intentionally but that’s what happened. All of a sudden it dawned on me that she isn’t family or my mum, she isn’t my friend, she isn’t there just for me to chat to every week – she is there for me to do a job with – she is there for me to get the anger and grief out with…. on(?)… and I don’t like that at all, even though I understand it. X


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