T’s reply

I hear you and am sorry that my words have knocked your internal world so badly – that certainly wasn’t my intention.

It is very hard when we rely on a fantasy to feel safe and then something happens that alters it. Don’t panic – I haven’t changed but the fantasy has. It’s incredibly important that we can talk about the fantasies as they help us to better understand you. It’s absolutely ok to do that. The way therapy is set up means that we can react to things in a way we wouldn’t normally do; therapy amplifies feelings, just as you have described. Its painful I know, but also allows us to get hold of, and work with them. We will do that together.

I’m very glad you have been able to tell me how you feel. Because the safe fantasy has been knocked, doesn’t mean I don’t understand what you have been through/are going through – try to hold onto that.

I am still here and am thinking of you.

9 thoughts on “T’s reply

  1. I like her answer. I’m sorry you even needed such an answer, and it probably doesn’t make things feel great right now, but it seems like she really cares and wants to help you through what you are feeling. I hope today is better. xx

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      1. I’m fine, it’s all good, thank you. I’ve been seeing my T for eight years and about a year ago I felt like I lost her. Eventually we had a big boundaries chat and well it’s a long story…. I still see her but something is a miss. I think this fantasy thing hits the nail on the head for me. I’m going to think on this and try and make some sense of it. As for you, your T seems really in-tune with you, did her reply help. Knowing stuff about my T has helped me trust her and feel her as real and not shrinky, however, the pain of knowing she isn’t mind is some of the most excruciating 😖pain I ever did feel. Thanks for sharing your experience x

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