Still climbing the mountain

Hi everyone!

I haven’t been on WP for a few weeks because I had something wonderful happen…… my boyfriend proposed to me on Wednesday 9th August and I’ve been in a bit of a bubble of happiness ever since and all things rings, engagement and wedding related have taken over my brain! I hope everyone is okay and will play catch-up with your posts as soon as I can.

In the meantime I wanted to write today about the struggles I am having despite this glorious news with (ex)work friend and with my younger sister (I’ll write about my sister in a separate post as this is long).

You know the background regarding ex work friend already but its been another couple of weeks so here is the latest: On the day I came into work following my engagement, lots of colleagues gathered around my desk lots of them screaming and hugging me with excitement (it was so lovely!), she walked over without me having seen her coming and said with a very neutral face “congratulations”.  She then immediately turned around and walked off cue awkward silence from the people at my desk!

It was a mature thing to do in the circumstances I guess, but awkward nonetheless. That was our only communication since the day we fell out until Tuesday lunch time when I received an email from her. I’ll paste it in here only removing any names:

“Okay, I’ve come to the conclusion that we’re done and I’m okay with that, but I am quite curious to know what it is exactly that you’re pissed off with me about.  I understood that you were pissed off because of the email I forwarded to [colleague] – I understand that and apologise.  To be honest, I didn’t really read your email properly and it was a genuine mistake, which is why I didn’t understand what you meant when you emailed me saying “Why did you send that?”  I literally had to check what I had sent to understand what you meant.  Anyway, it was a genuine mistake and you know that I wouldn’t do something like that on purpose – not to you or anyone else for that matter.  I would’ve thought that you knew that, being my ‘friend’. 

Anyway, I knew you were pissed off with me by the fact that you’ve given me the cold shoulder, the silent treatment and have even taking to walking the long way round to go to the kitchen/loo/lift to avoid passing my desk.  There has been no communication from you whatsoever (apart from the odd work-based contact).  To top it all off, you’ve blocked me on Facebook but not only me but my daughter and [her best friend] as well (that hurt by the way –  why [daughter] and [her friend] have been brought into whatever this is I don’t know, but it didn’t go down too well, as I’m sure you can imagine).

To be honest I thought it would all blow over because you’ve done this before (the silent treatment/cold shoulder act because I’ve said or done something to piss you off) but as the days – and weeks –  have passed I’ve come to the conclusion that there may be more to this than an erroneously sent email because surely you can’t be that pissed off about an email to warrant this treatment?  So I’ve waited for you to let me know, to no avail. 

So, could you please show me the courtesy of telling me what it is I’ve supposed to have done (apart from the email)?   I would have thought that our ‘friendship’ would at least have meant that you would’ve approached me and told me why you were so pissed off, and maybe even go so far as to give me the benefit of the doubt.  Instead I’ve had nothing from you whatsoever – just avoidance. 

You don’t get to treat me like this and think it’s okay.  Because it’s not.  I deserve better.  At least have the balls to tell me why you’re behaving this way. I don’t want anything out of this – I just want to get things cleared up and to move on.  If it means we’re done, then that’s fine – I’m okay with that (in fact I’d prefer it), but we can still be civil and grown up.”  

I wasn’t expecting that email AT ALL and so it did throw me – the familiar body feelings came back instantly and with the same intensity as always. The feeling is like nerves, it makes my entire body tingle and my heart beat fast – its definitely fear. I hate that she can have that effect on me but I understand thanks to T that its got a lot of “mum stuff” in it – going against authority and not just doing what the other person wants immediately scares me. I try to have compassion with myself in these moments. I read her email several times and thought about my reply, I bashed a response out within minutes which was quite angry and defensive but I didn’t plan to send it. I then went out for a walk to get a sandwich and to try to calm myself down a bit.

Later I sent her email to T for her advice and when I spoke to T that night, she told me to take my time with a response. I was surprised that she thought I should respond at all but she said she felt not responding would give her more ammunition to make me out to be the BBITW (biggest bitch in the world)…. She gave me some pointers such as saying “I agree with you that”.. to a few things she said such as I agree with you that you deserve to hear my side of things…. I agree with you that our friendship has run its course and I agree with you that we should remain civil in work.

She told me to take my time and remember I had no urgency to send my response. This is something I’ve really come to notice, that when I get some sort of communication from someone, my mother, her, whoever I do feel like I HAVE to respond quickly.  T asked me why and I said I wasn’t sure but with her it is the worry of what she will do if I do not respond quickly enough.  T asked me “what is the worst that can happen” and I laughed and said that made me feel a bit pathetic – I know logically she can’t really “do” anything but that the feeling was in me.  T said of course it was, that I have been against this stuff all of my life. She said she didn’t say that to try to underplay how I felt, but that she hoped it would help to ground me a little when I felt scared or nervous.

T advised me not to bother defending myself too much but to simply give my reason and then set my boundaries being that the friendship was over and that I would not respond to any further emails. She said to put that in because although it wouldn’t stop her from sending anything, it gave her notice that whatever she sends will be ignored.  I liked this advice because I really do not want to have to send more replies – this one is hard enough!

Here is what I plan to send:

“Thanks for your email. I agree that you deserve to hear my side of things and so here it is:

My feelings are that when we became friends about 8 years ago I was a very different person. The dynamic of our friendship was in-keeping with who I was then – and I feel I have changed and grown and that I am no longer able to manage certain behaviours from you because of this.  The main areas of contention for me are what I view as your possessiveness over me (particularly regarding lunch times), your guilt-tripping if I do not do what you want me to do and being made to feel as though I owe you something for having been a friend to me.

This has been something that has, over time, become more and more difficult to manage and tolerate and I think that because of this, it began to grow as a resentment and I began to feel obligated to do things that you wanted, despite my own feelings, due to how you would react/respond if I did not. It began to feel like emotional blackmail if I am honest, and that isn’t something I wish to deal with any longer.

I feel if I do not keep you happy I am “punished” either by you not speaking to me, sulking, making comments that I am  rude or selfish or along those lines (sometimes disguised as “jokes”), leaving our chat conversations immediately, saying to other people that you would expect more from me “after all you have done for me” etc.  It has grated on me for a very long time until I have now reached the point where I just cannot take it anymore, it has taken the joy out of our friendship.

I feel that those things are not okay in a friendship between two adults and this is another problem – I do not feel you treat me as your equal, but as a child – and a child that deserves to be told off or punished for what you view as “bad behaviour” even down to me looking at my mobile phone during my lunch hour.  I think in hindsight, I used to allow all of this treatment because I knew no different and thought it was normal, but I no longer want to accept people making me feel bad – regardless of who they are.

I have no wish to become enthralled in tit-for-tat or exchanging cruel words. You have said your piece, and now I have said mine and so I am letting you know that I will not be responding to any other messages.

I agree with you that our friendship has run its course and I also agree with you that we should be civil and professional.”

T thinks that my reply is good in that it gives her the closure she has asked and that I take ownership by saying that it is ME that has changed – she said it is truthful but not cruel. I hope that is true because it feels nasty even though I am not saying anything that is not true – I try to remember that my feelings cannot be wrong, they just are.

I’ve decided to send it after work hours tonight, and from my personal email account to her personal email account to keep it away from work. I also hope that the weekend will give her time to digest what I say and try to prevent any instant (abusive) reaction in the workplace! T has also said that this will help me in future if things really get tricky with her and I end up having to get help from management at work – I can demonstrate that I’ve tried to keep this out of work as much as possible.

So… now I’ll have to wait and see how she responds. I am nervous I won’t lie. I worry she will respond very aggressively and I predict that she will be absolutely outraged at what I’ve said. She has a lot of information about me and knows my weak spots and I think she will say some very painful things. I imagine they will consist of how selfish I am, how I have changed – not for the better.. how I am cold and ruthless and various other things.

I told T that I am not very good at being able to separate my truth from an allegation and so people’s words do hurt me. She said that is because I’ve been hurt this way and said that growing up, I was always the scapegoat for people’s shit and that as a child I was unable to know what was and wasn’t true about me – that my mother projected stuff onto me and this stuff taps into that. Being selfish is always something I’ve found particularly painful and I am convinced that is what she will call me. She called me selfish and rude enough when we were friends!

I am trying to tell myself that setting boundaries and not doing 100% of what someone else wants DOES NOT make me selfish, but it is a fight still. I hope that one day I have the ability that so many other people seem to have of just letting these things roll off me.

T has also warned me that she may do a total 360 to what I expect and apologise and that I need to think about how I would deal with that. That totally threw me – I can’t imagine it, but it’s an easy way of getting me back on side isn’t it and an easy way of making me look bad because if I then don’t accept her apology, she can tell everyone that too…………. I just need to remember that it is possible to accept and thank someone for an apology without that meaning normal service has to resume.

I feel like I’m climbing a huge mountain and I’m right near the top but that the worst is yet to come.

19 thoughts on “Still climbing the mountain


    One suggestion I would make is to set up a temporary email account (e.g. gmail) and automatically divert any emails from her to this account and delete them from your main account, so that you don’t have to read them until you are ready. You can even get someone else to check them first to make sure they are not openly abusive, before you read them yourself.

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  2. First of all congratulations on your lovely good news…I know it doesnt make anything else easier but its so wonderful 💖

    Secondly I think your email is so well expressed. Owning your own feelings and power is a huge step, scary as it is. You are making important steps forward. Well well done.

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    1. Ahh thanks sooo much, it certainly stopped anything else mattering for a week or so until the email hit my inbox lol!!

      Do you? That’s great thank you – I was hoping for some feedback on it, although I am pretty happy with it.

      I know owning my own power, getting a voice and putting boundaries in IS a good and healthy thing, it just feels so scary xx


  3. Congratulations and best wishes for a new future ahead.

    A well put email to your colleague and it’s not a cruel email and it is clear to the point. Hopefully, at work everything will amicable and you can work as colleagues and keeping everything else separate. Just that alone, will make a better working atmosphere. Something I have done for some time at mine and there is only a very small handful I can count on one hand that only know a part of me, with one who knows a lot more. x

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    1. Thank you for your congratulations Liz, I really appreciate it!!

      Thank you – I think its as clear as I can get without getting into the he said’s she saids of it all…. I plan to send once I’ve got on the train tonight and left the office…

      I am feeling sick at the response.. but what can I do? I will just have to deal with it. x

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      1. Yes, it’s best to leave and send outside of work and hopefully the weekend gives time for the person to reflect. I hope this worry does not spoil your weekend, because it could. It’s hard, I know. But you did the right thing and made sure it was drawn to a close while giving the other person hopefully closure too. x

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      2. Thank you. I send it about 6.30ish and haven’t heard back yet. I do feel anxious about the reply I won’t lie… but I keep telling myself all I’ve done is tell her how I feel and there isn’t anything wrong with that despite how it might feel xx

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      3. That’s all you can do now. It still doesn’t make you feel any better, but I hope you find the strength to move forward and do the things you love and have fun. 🙂


  4. Ahh congratulations! I’m glad you have been in a somewhat happy bubble and relieved that you’re okay.
    The email thing is good to have come up during therapy. It gives you guidance in setting boundaries while your T is there to navigate you through it. x

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    Congratulations!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉DETAILS?! Does it need its own post?? 😍😍😍 So so happy for you YAY!

    Love the email, does it feel good to write that out and get to send it, as she’s invited it so that makes it a bit easier? There is absolutely no way she isn’t going to respond, it’s not in her programming! I would guess she’ll be one extreme or the other, i.e nasty and aggressive, or super nice and apologetic. I know it will make you anxious awaiting the response, I would be the same, I actually find the waiting for reactions harder than the reaction itself! Just remember what you already know, that no matter how she responds, you are not obligated to resume service as normal. It’s absolutely possible to accept an apology should one be offered and leave it there, not all relationships have to be mended and continued.

    Awesome stuff xxxxxx


    1. Ahhhh thank you so much for the excitement!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️I smiled as I read your OMG’s haha!! I was thinking of giving it its own post but then I waited too long and it got overshadowed by this email shit and my sister stuff… it feels like nothing bad or crap should happen when I’ve just got engaged but it appears life goes on 😂

      He proposed in a posh restaurant, on one knee in front of everyone!! I cried so much and it was all perfect. I am so happy and excited xxx

      I 100% agree that she will go one way or another – and I agree she will 100% respond. I can’t imagine an apology but T said if she senses how serious I am, she may try it as a last resort… but my bf says that even if she does, leopards don’t change their spots and that her best behaviour would soon fade off and she would be the same. I agree and haven’t missed her at all, as nasty as it sounds it’s felt so relieving not having to worry about her!



      1. 😁😁😁😁 I am so excited for you! I expect some wedding planning related posts coming up then please 😍

        Yeah I’ve had the super nice softy apology card played on me when I was still emotionally weaker and it suckered me back in every time because I was still afraid. People like her know what works and won’t be too proud to apologise if they think it will get them what they want. But BF is absolutely right, she won’t have changed magically because of this. Even if she wants your friendship in a healthy way, she won’t know how to achieve it without working on herself as you have.

        You sound totally ready for this, she’s not quite gone until you’ve had the next response but soon after that you’ll mentally close that door for good and feel a whole lot lighter xxx

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