Last night’s dream 

I had the weirdest dream last night. I’m trying to see if I can take anything from it. 

I had lumps on body, particularly behind my knee and on my legs. Infected scabs. I was on a bed and my mum & another woman were there. I was in a lot of pain. 
They gave me a bag of “medicine” which consisted of some gunky stuff and spiders. Spiders that I was expected to reach inside and eat. They told me it was for my own good and to just do it. 
I was petrified and screamed and refused. 
Any ideas? 


16 thoughts on “Last night’s dream 

  1. Hmmm. I don’t know. Could it be that, the infection and scabs are on the outside now, needing treated and yet your mum and other woman are trying to tell you their method to get you better is to eat their gunk and yucky spiders? They are trying to get you to ingest dirt and fear?
    least you refused!!

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    1. I replied to this hours ago, why does WP hate us talking??

      So basically I felt petrified but a little angry because I thought to myself “you wouldn’t eat them!!”. I got the sense that perhaps she would find it amusing secretly.. so perhaps it was even a bit cruel or something…. mainly I was desperate for them to see how much I was injured – the wounds were very, very sore and bleeding etc xx


      1. I don’t know!! Does that mean you maybe didn’t get the message I sent through the contact page?

        Have you heard of the select few people that pretty much remember every day of their lives? Some are sceptical I’m sure but there’s lots of testing going on around it… Anyway, I follow one of those people on Facebook and she was saying how she remembers all of her time asleep except the REM part I think. She said that the first part of dreaming was always just like a rerun of the day, but the second part where it gets all weird and distorted was where the brain tries to make sense of that days emotions. That’s why I asked you how you felt in the dream, because if that theory is right, then based on what you said it sounds to me like you are trying to process those core feelings of her not seeing the pain you’re in no matter how obvious it is, not only that, she does something worse that is packaged up as though she’s helping xxx

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  2. Dear Twink: If I had this dream it would be about CSA. (I’m worrying about telling you this, in case it is too upsetting….. HUGE apologies ….) TS


      1. Dear Twink: I’m sorry I didn’t respond. This just kind of laid me out.
        I’m glad it helped you. Love – TS


      1. Yes I mean it could be the start of memory like sometimes when I’m about to get a memory I get hallucinations kind of like worry feel things crawling on me or see things that aren’t there and the symbolic to part of your dream is the spiders, so I’m thinking maybe it’s that

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