Therapy Book Suggestions

Hi everyone,

I have just been playing around on Goodreads as I was searching for some new therapy books to read during my break (I imagine this is a way to “keep my connection with T” or something). Anyway, I haven’t read either of these yet, but I have read the synopsis and the reviews and they sound pretty good.

So if you are interested in purchasing any new therapy books here they are:

On Becoming a Person: A Therapist’s View of Psychotherapy

Attachment in Psychotherapy






8 thoughts on “Therapy Book Suggestions

    1. Well, I prefer physical books but depending on the subject I go for kindle ones to hide on the train lol!

      By the way, my T had the book by Carl Rodgers and it was HUGE like a thick encyclopaedia so perhaps give that one a miss lol x


      1. I much prefer physical books, haven’t really caught on to kindle yet (I have a few books I can read on my laptop, but that’s about it). I buy mine from book depository because postage is free with that and it’s like getting a birthday present to myself every time a book comes! I’ve got some other books to read first but have added these to my wishlist.

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      2. I love books too and book deliveries are the best!! I brought two new books yesterday but fiction ones. One is called High Fidelity and one called Hotel du Lac. I’m reading high fidelity now and it’s hilarious!! X

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