Everyone, I would like you to meet… 



25 thoughts on “V.I.P.

    1. Hahah this made me LOL! My therapist brought me this bear as a transitional object (at my request) and I’ve just read your blog on boundaries which states a therapy boundary should be that you do not give, receive or exchange gifts…. 😐 now I’m confused!!


      1. I’d say transitional objects are a little different and previously agreed so that’s fine 😊 you’ve talked about the reasons why etc. I’ve heard of expensive/odd gift giving or the therapist accepting lavish items from their clients and I guess that’s the danger. Personally I think it’s a lovely gesture from your therapist, as long as it’s been discussed properly 😊

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      2. Youve given me a great idea to perhaps add this as an exception on my post 😊Oh I would have loved a transitional object with my previous therapist. I bet that will make the break so much easier for you! It will feel like she’s there in spirit ❤

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      3. Ooh do it!! She “charged it up” for me last night – meaning she say and held it, had it on her lap etc for the whole session. I’ll post in an hour or so about my session and how she gave me the teddy and how he was named etc x


      1. There’s a very lovely feeling of being special and important when you get to share something like this with someone you care so much about, who is showing they care about you. When you feel like you could be the only person who exists in her world, because she’s gone beyond, and she’s done it willingly, for you. Something that is special and unique for just you two 😍 x

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      2. I think with the whole Google situation and the session that followed, then asking for a T.O. And getting it, it is all so new to me and all so wonderful. I am scared of the break next week though because of the attachment and dependency this lovely stuff is causing xx


      3. Yeah it makes me super smiley for you! I get this has upped the emotional game a bit and the risk of being let down some how, but we got you 😊 just keep writing (publicly or privately) no matter what comes. We’re all here for blog therapy till she gets back 😉 xxx

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