I cried in therapy tonight… nothing new there. I cried when I got in the car after. That is quite rare (only happened once before). 

I came home and have been silent – very unlike me because I’m a chatterbox. 

I’ve since cried silent tears. The kind that hurt your heart but make no noise at all. 

The weird thing is I’m not entirely sure what I’m crying about exactly. 

I feel very tired now so I’m going to go to bed and I’ll write my session up tomorrow. 


10 thoughts on “Tears… 

  1. Although you don’t know why you are crying, hopefully you have felt some kind of a release from it. A good night’s sleep will hopefully help a little or a lot. Wishing you a better day.

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      1. Awww. Shame. Enjoy something after. Something to look forward to.

        I am stuck in the house since beginning of this week for a delivery. I learnt that it should be arriving today. If that’s the case, then after my driving lesson on Friday, I can have a late lunch with my mum. Until then, I may have a relaxing day tomorrow, or take a stroll around town.

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      2. Lesson 3. I am still looking forward to my lessons and so far, I seem to be remembering the order of the first four I was struggling with, since creating my flash cards. ☺️

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  2. I think its a really positive sign that you found yourself purely with feelings of sadness and no words. To me that is a sign you tapped into a deep emotional truth within you, and you took care of yourself and nurtured yourself with rest. Good on you. I often run from my feelings after a session by doing too much. Great progress… Love and kind thoughts TT ❤

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    1. Aw thank you so much. I’ve just this second posted a proper blog on the session but I am still not entirely sure of the reason behind the feelings as such. I like your words though, tapping into a deep emotional truth feels true for me, thank you for that. I alwayssss run from my feelings too so this was different for me. I feel a bit sad today so I plan to go to the gym tonight and work it off a bit. Thank you again xxx


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