Showering at T’s house

showerI had a dream on Wednesday night that I was taking a shower at T’s house.

I don’t know how I know it was her house but I just do if that makes sense, dreams are funny things!

In the dream, I was happily showering away, I think she was walking in and out of the bathroom but she couldn’t see me, I was happy and she had left me a clean towel. A window or door was open so there was a refreshing breeze and I was feeling good.

Then I thought I saw a bottle of men’s shower gel and I paused for a second feeling gutted… I reached down to check and it wasn’t a man’s on, phew! Thank god! I was relieved. No man after all.

Isn’t that weird? Why would I care that my T had a man?

I can only think that during my childhood my mother was completely wrapped up in her men and not me or my sister so I want to imagine T as single so that I don’t lose her attention/affection. I don’t know….

Dream aside; yesterday T’s daughter arrived in her car whilst I was waiting to go in. I finally got a proper look at her. She is tall and skinny, she wore nice clothes, she has a tiny dog with her. She went to T’s front door and T opened it – I looked away…. so weird!!


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