Last Day Of Easter Therapy Break 

So I go back to therapy tomorrow night after my T taking a two week break. This means I wouldn’t have seen her for 19 days. 

Here’s the thing: I don’t feel even remotely bothered. I don’t particularly want to go back… I don’t have anything to talk about… it’s like I’ve completely switched off all of my feelings and everything “therapy related”. 

I sent her a text on Thursday the 13th and meant what I said at the time, but since… nada. 

I’ve had thoughts that I don’t need to go anymore because I’ve coped so well and because I haven’t missed it…. I feel right now I could easily miss another week, maybe two, who knows? Maybe more… 

I put a lot of this down to attachment… maybe it’s me blocking thins out or maybe it’s punishment to her somehow but obviously consciously it doesn’t feel like that… 

Very odd. 


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