T’s Response 

She replied! At last. She said: 
Dear [Twink], 

I am glad you were able to touch Base. It’s good you are able to be in touch with your feelings whilst using Alanis and my book to stay connected.

I am still here and you are held in my mind and thought about often.

Take gentle care.

Fond regards”


14 thoughts on “T’s Response 

  1. Yay! You commented on another comment that you are feeling a bit indifferent about it. My thought when I read that is I can see how I would have that kind of reaction too. For me, when good things happen that make me feel emotional (like a twinge of love or the knowing that someone really cares about me) I have a need to discount them so that feeling goes away. I’m glad you noticed it and maybe you can talk with that feeling and let it know it’s okay to feel good (scary yes, but good in this instance). Maybe as an experiment the protector part of you can allow every part of you get to know the vulnerable part of you.

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    1. I think that you may be onto something there!! It’s strange because obviously I was hoping for her to say nice things back and I would have been gutted if she didn’t, yet when she did it felt like it wasn’t enough… hard to please perhaps lol xx

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