A Day To Myself 

Morning and happy Friday everyone! 

I am writing this from the comfort of my cosy little cocoon that is my bed. It’s 9am here in sunny England and I have a day off work. 

I feel better today than the past couple of days and I am trying to think of something nice to do with myself. It made me realise that I don’t ever do anything on my own, normally if I have a day off I’ll just stay home and binge-watch tele. 

So today, I’m thinking what can I do on my own that’s good for the soul? 

So far I’ve come up with driving to the seafront, going for a walk in the fresh air… maybe reading a little on the sea wall (or the car if it’s cold!). I could drive to a nature park, go and looking around the shops… bake a cake, go food shopping (not so fun!). 

So, any ideas ladies and gents? What would/do you do when you have a day to yourself other than chores? 



35 thoughts on “A Day To Myself 

  1. Swimming, dog walks, bike riding, go to garden centres, pet shops (I’m slightly addicted), local nature reserve (dog free), pamper session (bath, face mask, foot mask etc), loud music & gardening (isn’t a chore for me really)… this has helped me actually. I have an empty day and wasn’t sure how to fill it. Now I have lots of options! Thank you! Let us know what you end up doing 🙂

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    1. I sure did!!! Was lovely! I went to a shop to take a dress back, then drove to the seafront with Kisstory on which I love, then to the beach for a walk and relax, then to McDonald’s (naughty!!) then food shopping and now on the sofa 😀xx

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  2. OMG OMG OMG okay so on days I actually have to myself. I get super excited because those days are soo rare.

    On my off days I:
    1) think about how excited I am that I finally have a free day
    2) eat soo much junk it’s scary
    3) realise that I’m incredibly bored and actually have nothing to do with my time
    4) get annoyed at point 3
    5) try catching up on sleep I’ve been dying for all month
    6) grunt to when this would be the one day I can’t have that nap
    7) blog for the remainder of the day

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    1. Hahah I like your style!! I drove to the seafront, had a walk, treated myself to a McDonald’s and then went food shopping (boring bit) I did wanna go cinema funnily enough but I’m going tomorrow night to see beauty and the beast!! Xx

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      1. We are soulmates!! I would totally go to McDonald’s. Food shopping is not boring, I love food shopping. I meal plan, then make a list, then look for discounts, I LOVE it. lol Do you enjoy going to the movies by yourself? Most people think I’m weird for going but I really like it.

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      2. Funnily enough, I’ve never done it!!! I wanted to go and see la la land on my own because nobody else I know wanted to come, but I never got around to it. It’s still very much on my list of things to do! I don’t think you’re weird at all! Confident, not weird xx

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      3. I can tell you, it’s the best. Especially during the day. You practically have the room all to yourself, no friends to make noise, no need to share your popcorn. Perfect. About 2 years ago there was a discount every Tuesday at my local cinema. Movie for 3 euros (it’s usually 6,50 euros here). Since I have a flexible schedule I would go every Tuesday. It was like therapy lol

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    1. Great ideas, thank you. Did you say that’s an app? Might check it out. I went and looked around a clothes shop. Then drove to the seafront, had a walk and watched the people windsurfing. Then took myself for a McDonald’s (I ate inside the restaurant on my own which I’ve never done), then went food shopping, then home to binge watch celebs go dating hahah xx

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      1. LOL you’re so funny I’ve never seen that show. Yes, it’s an app. It’s available on the App Store. I think it’s free but I’m not sure I can’t remember. What other shows do you like? I love reality shows

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      2. It’s so bad but I can’t help watching it lol! It was funny. I watch all kinds of crap. Love made in Chelsea which is back Monday wahooo! Did love love island when that was on. But aside from reality tv, I also love programmes on the Beeb like costume drama and programmes like the replacement, the missing, silent witness etc. What about you? X

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      3. I like Big Bang theory. I also like NCIS. I also like criminal minds Anne law order SV you. I also watch Silent witness. I also like shows like Coronation Street and Emmerdale you know soaps. Also watch X factor and the voice and other competitions like that and of course the Saturday night takeaway with and and DEC

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